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About Us.

Computer Network Solution Provider

At 2009, started to joins together to create a company named Ariana to help other companies and institutes to build and improvement of existing network structure.

Services Overview


Implemention of LAN/WAN with wire and wireless topology


Optimizing existing network structure.

Support Contract

Concludes network support contracts and its components.

Equipment Supplier

Suppliers of hardware and software equipment.


Here is our services to serve you:

  • Ariana relies on efficient technical forces and specializes in the following sectors:

    - Design & implementation of LAN, WAN networks.
    - Implementation of Wire & Wireless network.
    - Enterprise Accessories Sharing.
    - Provide to implement High Speed Internet Access.
    - Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).
    - Providing IP Telephony services and IP Base digital telephone centers.
    - Creation of IP Based Security CCTV system.
    - Design & implementation of fiber & copper networks, optical fusions.
    - Provide all Passive and Active equipment and related software.
    - Installation & configuring of Cisco hardware.
    - Installing & configuring the Astro Firewalls.
    - Design & implementation of Load Balance & Redundant with hardware & software.
    - Installing & running a variety of HP, Cisco, Intel, Supermicro certified servers.
    - Providing network support & guidance services.
    - Training & leadership of network managers & users.
    - Improvement of existing network structure.
    2009 2024

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